A day in the Small Bowell vol.III

Enteroscopy radically changed the diagnostic and therapeutic approach to the pathologies of the small bowel and, nowadays, represents an essential step in the management of mid gut bleeding. Moreover, enteroscopy is becoming more and more relevant in the management of inflammatory bowel diseases, refractory celiac disease and small bowel tumors. The amount ongoing researches and the continuous technological update make necessary a frequent update for the professionals working in the field. The aim of the proposed course is to provide a series of lectures and a live session made by renowned experts; the most relevant topics in wired and wireless enteroscopy will be discussed.


Event Nr. 279341
accredited for 100 participants
Total training hours 9
CME Credits 9
CME for Italian Physicians and Nurses
Disciplines: Gastroenterology, General Surgery, Internal Medicine, Pediatrics
Training objectives Nr. 18 – Technical-professional contents (knowledge and skills) specific of each profession, of each specialization and of each ultraspecialistic activity. Rare diseases and gender medicine.