1 Bicocca Hepato-Gastro Meeting 2023

The first Bicocca Hepato-Gastro Meeting has been planned aiming at presenting the highest profiles in the main topics in Hepatology and Gastroenterology.
The Meeting is jointly organized by the University of Milano-Bicocca, Papa Giovanni XXIIIHospital of Bergamo, Milan Niguarda Hospital and S.Gerardo Hospital of Monza.
The meeting is structured in plenary sessions based on state-of-the-art lectures and interactive or live sessions workshops.

(topics covered: immunology and pathogenesis of hepatitis B infection, gutvascular barrier and liver diseases, autoimmune diseases, genetic therapies in autoimmuneliver diseases, new definition of decompensated cirrhosis, artificial intelligence in riskstratification in non alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD), genetics in NAFLD, hemocromatosis,polycystic liver disease, non-invasive assessment of hepatic fibrosis and portal hypertension,microbiota in liver diseases).
(topics covered: organoids and animal models for the study of liver tumors,lipid metabolism and cancer immunotherapy, biomarkers for cholangiocarcinoma, therapeuticapproach to hepatocellular carcinoma, basics of cholangiocarcinoma, molecular landscapeand therapeutic strategies in cholangiocarcinoma, molecular basis for personalized therapy inGEP-NET).
Liver transplantation
(topics covered: HBV prophylaxis in LT: time for a change, ACLF andLiver Transplantation, gene therapy and liver transplantation for inborn errors of metabolism,role of histology in LT, novel therapies for pre and post-LT, coronary artery disease and LT.
(topics covered: microbiota in gastrointestinal disorders, novel treatmentstrategies in inflammatory bowel diseases, irritable bowel disease, artificial intelligence in GIendoscopy, EUS/ERCP in biliopancreatic endotherapy, celiac disease, disease and dietinteractions with virome, precision nutrition in IBD, updates on chronic pancreatitis, newtreatments of short bowel syndrome, treatment of microscopic colitis.
(topics covered: pancreatic cystic lesions: diagnostic and prognosticfactors, Endoluminal therapy in cholangiocarcinoma, EUS ablative treatment of pancreatictumors, Endotherapy of T1 rectal cancer, full thickness resections and suturing devices,screening in colorectal cancer.

The structure of the meeting is completed with live endoscopy and surgery sessions andshort selected presentations from submitted abstracts.


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