Gastritis: RE.GA.IN (Real-world Gastris Initiative) project

Helicobacter pylori infection, and its related gastric diseases affect more than one third of the world population; gastric cancer a wellestablished consequence of the Helicobacter p. infection - is the 5th cause of cancer-death all over the world. Over the last three decades, a large body of knowledge has expanded our understanding of the epidemiology, etiology, natural history, and diagnostic criteria of gastritis.  The RE.GA.IN (Real-world Gastris Initiative) project is a scientific initiative, which aims to gather the interdisciplinary knowledge on gastritis and gastritis-related gastric malignancies and counts on the active involvement of 35 leading international experts of all Continents. 

The Faculty acts by establishing 5 “dedicated” working groups: 

1. Gastritis and Gastric Cancer: Epidemiology in Different Continents
2. Etiology and Pathogenesis
3. Diagnosis: Clinical, Seriological, Molecular on Tissue
4. Diagnosis: Endoscopy and Histology
5. Natural History and Prevention Strategies

The meetings will take place between May and November 2022. In this period of time, the experts will have multiple meetings in virtual mode for the critical evaluation of the available scientific evidence and for the necessary insights. The RE.GA.IN project will be concluded in Venice in November with an in-presence meeting summarizing the conclusions as achieved through the previous virtual scientific meetings.


See the program attached for more info