Hot topics in therapeutic and palliative endoscopy in oncology 2018

Educational aims

The course aims at presenting recent advances in interventional endoscopy in the field of both therapeutic and palliative GastroIntestinal Oncology. As far as therapeutic endoscopy is concerned, great attention will be paid to clinical indications and oncological rationale. Two sessions will be focused on interventional EUS exploring state-of-the-art and future perspectives particularly in the field of palliative endoscopy.
The program will include didactic lectures from national and international experts, highly informative video sessions and panel discussions. The purpose of this course is to inform accomplished gastrointestinal endoscopist on risks, clinical indications, contraindications and practical aspects of advanced endoscopic procedures in GI oncology.

Course Directors
Enzo Masci
Gabriele Delconte

Local Organizing Committee
Giuseppe Calarco
Massimo Falsitta
Andrea Mancini
Andrea Magarotto

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