2nd Genoa Meeting: 2004-2014 Recent Advances in Colorectal Polyps

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SESSION I - Genetics and epidemiology

Chairmen: A. Amato, V. Cennamo

G. A. Binda    

L. Varesco    

Epidemiology & Screening: what's new
L. Bonelli    

Breathomic approach to the screening of colorectal cancer and polyps
E. Travaglio    

A. De Censi    

Role of B-Estrogen receptors stimulation in the prevention and treatment of colorectal polyps
M. Principi    

SESSION II - Pathology

Chairmen: N. Haboubi , R. Nascimbeni

Malignant polyp: histological criteria for risk assessment and sampling issues

Serrated polyps
M. Risio    

Polyposis syndromes
V. Villanacci    

SESSION III - Diagnosis

Chairmen: M.C. Parodi, A. Laghi

Augmented endoscopy systems
G. Galloro    

Missed polyps
B. Saunders    

Capsule endoscopy
M. Pennazio    

C. Fabbri

G.A. Santoro    

G.A. Rollandi    

J. Stoker    

SESSION IV - Endoscopic resection

Chairmen: B. Saunders, G. Galloro

New devices and techniques
T. Matsuda    

Colon: EMR or ESD? The West position
B. Rembacken    

Colon: EMR or ESD? The East position
T. Matsuda    

Rectum: ESD or TEM?
A. Arezzo    

A. Miles    

Post-resections surveillance
G. Coccia    

SESSION V - Surgical resection

Chairmen: R.J. Nicholls, G.A. Binda 

Actual indications
R. Zinicola    

Critical points, future perspective and ongoing studies
J. Hill    

Surgery of familial polyposis
G.G. Delaini    

Multiple colorectal adenomas: which treatment?
S. Pucciarelli